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1.1.2 Data Steward

The Data Steward application can be reached via this link. You can also access it from within the SHRINE Query Tool by clicking Request New Topic in the tool view.

The Data Steward administrator must review and approve Query Topic requests by Instructors and above, and verify status of invited Fellows, before SHRINE data can be accessed. All individual queries are then subject to review for compliance with approved topics. Query histories are logged and audited on a regular basis to ensure that there are no violations of the Terms-of-Access Agreement that you must accept when you log in to SHRINE. Any use of the Query Tool to investigate patient data inappropriately will result in immediate suspension of your account, and notification will be sent to your institution regarding possible misconduct.

Query Topic Approval: Instructor or Above

Log in to the Data Steward application with your eCommons ID.


On the next screen, click “Create a new Query Topic.” Enter a name for your new Query Topic, select a general reason from the dropdown menu, and provide a short description of the types of queries you would like to perform on that topic (query intent); click Create.


Your new Query Topic will be displayed with the option to edit it.


When you have finished entering/editing your new query request, click “Back to topics list.” Your new query request will appear in the “Owned Query Topics” tab (the default view). The Data Steward administrator will review it and contact you if more information is needed. When your Query Topic is approved, you will receive an email notification.


If you would like to invite a fellow(s) to collaborate in your Query Topic after it is approved, click the magnifying glass next to the Query Topic ID number. Its Topic Description tab will appear. Click the Members tab and then the Invite new member(s) link. Enter the email address(es) of the fellow(s) into the form and click Invite. Fellows’ subsequent steps in the process are described below.


Query Topic Invitation: Fellows

When your faculty sponsor invites you to query an approved topic, you will receive an email from the Data Steward application with a custom link to the login page. When you click this link and log in with your eCommons ID and password, the application first verifies that you are the person invited to participate in the query; then it checks Harvard Catalyst Profiles to verify your employment at the same hospital as your sponsor and appointment as a fellow.


Assuming successful login and employment/appointment verification, the Data Steward screen will then present information about the Query Topic and ask you to accept or decline the invitation.


Once you accept, the Data Steward application will add you as an authorized user on that Query Topic. You may now visit your hospital's SHRINE home page to log in and perform queries on the approved topic.