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1.1.5 Results

To protect patient privacy, data are de-identified before incorporation into the Core Ontology. In addition, we blur the aggregate patient counts returned as query results so that they are an estimate of the actual number. For information about the technology used to implement this additional obfuscation, refer to the following paper:

Murphy SN, Chueh HC. A Security Architecture for Query Tools used to Access Large Biomedical Databases. Proceedings of the 2002 AMIA Annual Symposium. 2002 Nov 9-13, San Antonio, TX p. 552-6.

If you run the same query more than once, you receive slightly different results each time. SHRINE is designed to lock out users who run the same query approximately seven times within a 30-day period.

When you log out of SHRINE, your results are saved and may be viewed again in future sessions.