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1.5 Working with Query Results

When your query is complete, aggregated results for each institution appear in the Query Status view, with time and date stamp.

Note: If your query returned between zero and 10 patients, your results display as "10 patients or fewer."

SHRINE does not provide direct access to information about individual patients at any of the participating hospitals. To follow up with a potential cohort of interest, you must identify a collaborator at the institution where you located patients. Your collaborator then must work with the institution's IRB to seek approval of the proposed study.

If you currently do not collaborate with an investigator at that institution and do not know who might be doing similar research, visit the Harvard Catalyst website to explore options and make connections. For example, visit the Harvard Catalyst Profiles research social networking system to conduct keyword searches for collaborators at Harvard-affiliated institutions. You can also search Profiles using the Search box in the top-right corner of every page on the Harvard Catalyst website.